12.11.12 // 3×3 Magazine Feature

I can’t begin to express how happy I am to be a part of the upcoming issue of 3×3 Magazine, let alone getting to illustrate the cover. Over the years I have always been amazed at the artists featured and the quality of their content. Along with looking through Society of Illustrators annuals, reading 3×3 Magazine during my college years was a true source of inspiration to work that much harder. To be honest, It would make me think “holy crap I have a long way to go…”. However, besides the typical college-kid-self-doubt, I also have very specific memories of the undergraduate me with a new issue, seeing Chris Buzelli, Marcos Chin, or Yuko Shimizu on the cover, thinking “man I hope one day I get to do that”. Surreal. Five years after graduating from University of The Arts, to say I am humbled and honored to be a part of the magazine in this way is an understatement. The amazing, smart, and incredibly talented Wesley Allsbrook (lovely friend of mine) and Mark Smith (never met him, but lets assume he’s a cool dude) are also both featured.

The whole process was a really fun experience, having my close friend Kate Feirtag conduct the interview and then getting to meet THE Vivienne Fleisher who graciously came to the studio to take photos.

A little bit of the process. This is what it looks like when I work out a character.

Cover art:

I was simply asked to work with the  theme, “the education of the illustrator”, which is one of those open ended type of things that pretty much means “do whatever you want”. It is no secret that school is a challenge and getting into the business even more so. It forces students to think for themselves, be strong willed, and not be afraid to stand out on their own. This is general idea I wanted to convey with my eager art student weathering the challenges and holding on tightly to his creative outlet.  (*Note in the background, I had to be honest about it, some people just won’t make it.)

I’m not exactly sure when this will hit the shelves, but I imagine in the first month or two of the new year. Check back for an update then!